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Lise Lachance

Art Takes Many Forms - "art with a job"

Joint Projects - Stone/Copper For Purchase

Brett McBirnie & Lise Lachance

Imagined by Lise and made real with Brett's design and engineering, this sculptured fountain stands 7+ feet tall. . A unique mixture of granite and limestone mounted on a steel frame. The fountain is modular to install and/or move at the owners wish. Otherwise he weighs approximately 2000lbs when fully assembled. The reinforced reservoir holds approximately 30 gallons of water that is recycled through the copper plumbing. The water is captured by the hand carved and polished bowl in the face of the fountain. Great care has gone into the engineering, design and building of this fountain sculpture. All fasteners are stainless steel, copper or brass.

The fountain demands attention but in a very calming, soft edges, artistic manner that would compliment any area that could accommodate its size.

Should there be questions regarding the fountain sculpture, please use the link at the top right hand of this screen to send us a message or write to

[email protected] We will respond to any questions you may have.