Lise Lachance


Art is what happens in between All or Nothing.

Knowing when a painting is finished is part of the uncharted process.

I hope that you will visit the gallery pages often to see what I've been up to.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


As a self taught artist I am simply expressing my impulses artistically.  I have set my own artistic path.  Simply, art does not live in my head.  It is handing over power to the brush and paint and helping whatever is waiting emerge.   It is honest, real and comes from a genuine part of me.

Working within the prison system for more years than anyone should remember, I have  seen too much to make sense of anything. When your life depends on keeping your emotions in check, you learn to limit genuine expression.  Art has given me that outlet and grounding that every person needs to remind themselves of who they are.

I  have been incorporating mixed mediums for years.  I paint for me, to feed my spirit, to feed my hunger.  I draw my inspiration from anything and everything:  a conversation, a mood, a trip or a memory.  Mostly, I feel like I am giving the flat canvass a chance to emerge into it's three dimensional expression.  The process is holistic, unplanned and part of a conversation between me and my tools.  Sometimes we fight, most times we completely understand each other and at the end  of it a little more has been revealed about what we are capable of.

Re-homing paintings to those who want them is the reason to share my art. I am honoured and humbled when anyone is drawn to my work.